Increasing Our Commitment to the Communities We Serve

Partners HealthCare is working to strengthen and deepen our commitment to the communities we serve. Utilizing our resources and capabilities as a system of hospitals to engage more deeply with our surrounding residents and neighborhoods, we have increased our community health commitment by 18% this past year, investing more than $185 million in programs to help the underserved while building the foundation for future well-being and economic opportunity. Here are some examples of what our commitment to the community looked like in 2010:

• A continuing commitment to the medical and nursing school loan repayment partnership with Bank of America, the Commonwealth and the Mass. League of Community Health Centers brought the total number of primary care providers with loan repayment grants up to 113, providing capacity for more than 200,000 patients
• Summer jobs for more than 300 Boston teens at our founding hospitals – Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital
• Access to health care for more than 120,000 adults and children either uninsured or not covered by Medicaid
• Sustained, long-term commitment to comprehensive advocacy services for survivors of domestic violence, providing care to 17,000 survivors at six of our hospitals over the last 10 years
• Pilot programs of innovative care models that merge technology and health, including text messaging to at-risk pregnant women in Lynn (resulting in a 9% increase in receiving the recommended level of pre-natal care) and using sneaker chip technology to raise health awareness among elementary school students in two Boston Public schools
• A State House educational forum about bullying that engaged education, clinical, policy and public health experts in an audience discussion with more than 500 attendees

As Massachusetts regains its economic footing, we will remain true to our mission of serving local communities and nurturing deep, sustained partnerships between health centers and our hospitals. And we will continue to utilize our network in order to provide access to the highest possible quality care – especially for low-income, underserved populations – as we invest in programs that are informed by the people we serve in these neighborhoods.

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