Oz Mondejar

Senior Vice President Mission and Advocacy, Partners Continuing Care

Oz Mondejar

Mr. Mondejar currently serves as the Senior Vice President, Mission and Advocacy for Partners Continuing Care, the non-acute care services division of Partners HealthCare, which includes four inpatient rehabilitation and long term care hospitals, twenty three outpatient centers, three skilled nursing facilities and a home care division. In this role, Mr. Mondejar touches on many areas from community outreach to work force development as well as implementation of key initiatives such as clinician training programs for staff such as Cultural Competent Care.

Over the course of a twenty five plus year career encompassing a variety of executive level positions, a major focus for Mr. Mondejar has been serving as an impassioned advocate and resource for the community with disabilities. Born with a congenital limb difference to Cuban ex-patriots, Mr. Mondejar has dedicated his life to helping those like himself who faced adversity because of real or perceived disabilities gain opportunities to pursue their life’s goals. A special focus for him has been mentoring young people to learn the skills to pursue both higher education and establish career opportunities.

Mr. Mondejar has been recognized by numerous community and government organizations for his work as an advocate for the community with disabilities. He also serves on several boards and advisory committees such as Partners with Youth for Disabilities and Work without Limits.

Within the framework of his advocacy, Mr. Mondejar focuses on both outreach and education to help build bridges of understanding between the community with the disabilities and the larger communities they reside. Often through both civic organizations or community education, Mr. Mondejar can be found creating further opportunities for improvement to the services and accessibility of that community. These efforts also are part of his humanitarian efforts to his ancestral homeland of Cuba, where he has coordinated groups of volunteers over a decade plus to bring medical supplies, clinical knowledge and needed goods to support the communities with disabilities often discarded in a totalitarian environment.

Creating Competitive Jobs for People with Disabilities

For many years, individuals with disabilities have found jobs through programs that gave them work experience but weren’t necessarily competitive in terms of benefits, compensation and the opportunity to grow in a career.

At Partners HealthCare, we’re focused on taking those opportunities to the next level by creating a more integrated workforce in which employees with disabilities have as much access to competitive jobs as the rest of their colleagues.

Beyond being “the right thing to do,” having an integrated workforce makes good business sense. It always helps us as health care providers to have a work force that reflects the communities we serve. It allows us to have a richer understanding of each other and also maximize the talents we bring to caring for our patients.


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Bringing Rehab Out of the Basement – The New Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Since the earliest days of the disability rights movement, the goal has been to achieve equality in all aspects of our society–from the accessibility of buildings and services to careers to health care access. Curb cuts that were once groundbreaking are now so commonplace that a stroller is as likely to use them as a wheelchair. Changes like these both make our world more inclusive and acknowledge what is right. And, as our population ages, the simple fact is that there will be more people with a disability.

At Partners HealthCare we’re meeting this challenge head on: The New Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in the Charlestown Navy Yard opens its doors on Saturday April 27th to serve our community.

While we’ve planned for this new facility for some time, the opening comes at a particularly important moment, given the needs of those who have lost limbs as a result of the marathon tragedy.


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Creating Jobs, and Connections, for Persons with Disabilities

With the unemployment rate hovering at 9 percent nationwide, generating new employment opportunities continues to be a major focus for all sectors. Health care is no different, and as the largest private employer in the Commonwealth, Partners HealthCare has put an increased emphasis on investing in jobs and careers for our state’s economic health.

That’s why Spaulding Rehabilitation Network (SRN), the rehabilitation provider of Partners HealthCare, teamed up with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to establish the ‘Working Partners’ program, a first of its kind public/private partnership that gives qualified persons with disabilities the skills and support they need to help them join the work force and improve their overall quality of life. For those living with a disability, finding a job can be especially difficult. Whether newly injured or living with a physical or mental disability through a lifetime, barriers to employment can seem insurmountable; in fact, the unemployment rate for those with disabilities is more than 50 percent higher than the general population.


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